Saito Enables Web3 Crypto Support

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After the Saito project was launched, we wrote an introduction and research report on the basic content of the Saito project. Many users are full of expectations and confidence in the development of the Saito project. Until now, many people are still concerned about the progress of the project and the future development prospects of the project in the current market.

In this article, we have synthesized some official information of the Saito project, sorted out some important development updates since the project entered 2022, and summarized some views of the project party on how to deal with and ensure future project development in the current market. Hoping that after reading this article, users can have a more in-depth understanding of the development of the project.

Category and background:


Web 3.0 infrastructure


Saito is an open network layer that makes Web3 available to users. Applications on Saito can run without closed plug-ins, private APs, and non-open infrastructure. Saito operates without an owner, while funding its own network and nodes that provide routes and user infrastructure for its own network and other public blockchains. All of this is powered by Saito consensus, a new underlying blockchain design.

For example, here’s a list of people’s interests that might piggyback on these things: an IoT without centralized databases and trusted providers; perfect private browsing; cross-chain bridges; decentralized Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, Vibrato, WeChat; decentralized app store.

The Basic Information(Data collection time is July 2022):

Saito Project Update (2022):


Three new developers join the Saito team. This leaves Saito’s development team with five employees (Richard and David are not included). The increase in developers will speed up the pace of activities, which will greatly increase the productivity of Saito.


The most important technical update is the switch of Saito’s production network to an upgraded version of Saito Consensus, which allows Rust and Javascript clients to coexist on the network. This is a major software release with significant improvements to core extensibility. Project teams will refactor and restate their Rust architecture as planned. The project’s current goal of using Rust code is to improve its networking code and rebuild its overall design to add support for WASM. The long-term goal of WASM is to be able to compile optimized versions of Rust binaries and embed them directly into the user’s browser, eventually enabling projects to replace much of the javascript stack and allowing applications to be developed in non-javascript programming languages.

New Saito Official Website

The new Saito website replaces the project’s original launch page. The new website has a sleeker look that reflects the elegance we’ve done in code. Importantly, the new website includes several custom-crafted videos and animations that will help new users quickly understand why Saito is important and how it works.

Games and Apps

After the new website went live, Saito redesigned their suite of interior applications, including Saito Arcade. At the same time, an exciting new game has been released with a new level of polish and gameplay onto production servers.Public launch of Saito’s pilot web3 crypto-integration

Saito Wiki

The new website is accompanied by a new Saito Wiki that will combine educational materials, information on how people can contribute to the web and its various projects, information on community channels and materials, and supporting documentation for developers such as API Guide and Application — Building Tutorial. The new Saito Wiki is expected to eventually replace Saito’s current backend site as the text-heavy partner to our new front-end webpage.

Saito Enables Web3 Crypto Support

Saito announced their first Saito release with web3 crypto support on May 2022. This allows users to write applications that interact with other cryptocurrencies. It is a step forward in our development as a blockchain application platform, and in adding support for community tokens like DOT and EGLD.

Saito Chess League

The announcement of the Saito Community Chess Federation is to enrich the community through activities. The league will run for a month (June,2022). The top players in the league stage will compete against each other in tournaments.

How Saito is coping with the arrival of a bear market?

Regarding the financial roadmap of the Saito project, the project parties are still excited about the development of the project under the current market environment and believe that they have the ability to withstand any financial turmoil.

The Saito project party claims that the project has enough U.S. dollars and cryptocurrency assets to execute its roadmap for at least the next three years. The project is currently shipping at $80,000/month. The project also controls slightly over 500mm ERC20 tokens, and is holding an additional 250mm unvested tokens for a major supporter.

While the project party is tracking the market trend, the project’s hedging and existing management policies have performed well. Saito will continue to provide liquidity to major trading pairs as Saito focuses on executing on their core roadmap: developing Saito’s core software client, improving the quality and playability of Saito Arcade games, and building trading volume and community engagement.

Users who are interested in Saito can go to the official website to experience the project. The relevant links of the project are as follows

Project Link:

Official website:




This article is based on various public information and data of the Saito project and Dealean Capital’s investment observations on this project. This article does not constitute any investment advice. Investment in blockchain projects is risky, please invest carefully.



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